BEZ-400E – Fluorescent Dye Injection System


BigEz assembly and 1/4″ hose with check valve + dye cartridge.

The revolutionary way to add fluorescent dyes into air conditioning and refrigeration systems — without the use of additional refrigerant!

Just one connection, then turn the handle to inject the dye. No complicated hookups! Ideal for preventive maintenance programs and for dosing multiple, medium-to-large AC&R units.

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  • For Medium to Large Size Systems
  • Most economical for larger systems. Works in all systems, including high-pressure R-410A systems!


  • SPE-BEZ4E 4 oz (118 ml) BigEZ™ fluorescent dye cartridge
  • RP-BEZ-50 BigEZ™ dye injector assembly
  • RP-BEZ-25 8 in (20 cm) BigEZ™ hose assembly
  • Comes in full-color clamshell packaging

Treats up to:

  • 16 gallons (61 L) of lubricant or
  • 400 lbs (181 kg) of refrigerant or
  • 150 tons (527.5 kW) of cooling