POE/PAG Identifier – ERK1411


POE/PAG Id is an essential test to identify the type of synthetic lubricant used in the refrigeration and conditioning system to be treated. If you are working with a a lubricant whose type and origin are unknown, the use of POE-PAG ID is highly recommended: this test guarantees the identification of the oil category in usage (either POE or PAG) in a quick and effective way.

Once it comes in touch with the lubricant, POE-PAG ID contains chemical elements that react by changing the aspect of the solution. The result will indicate if it is POE or PAG. Once a sample of lubricant is taken and pouRojo into one of the available tests, the solution will quickly change its appearance: if the used oil is a PAG, the mixture will be clear. With POE oil the mixture will instead take on a cloudy appearance.


  • It works with all kind of POE and PAG lubricants.
  • The result will be visible in a few seconds.
  • Easy to use.
  • The package contains 4 TESTS.
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