Extreme White – Leak stop for AC/R systems R600 & R290 – ETR1176


EXTREME WHITE is a specific solution produced in ERRECOM labs in order to repair refrigerant leaks in systems working with R600 and R290, by guaranteeing a complete, permanent and elastic endurance of the system.

This leak stop has been designed after years of collaboration with the main fridge manufacturers in order to guarantee the best performance in the newest refrigeration systems.

R600 and R290 are gases that work with lubricants at very low viscosity level: Errecoms experience in HVAC&R market has led the researches to a leak stop that has been manufactured to optimise the yield in this kind of systems.



6ML + adap

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  • Its formulation is 100% safe: as a non-polymer liquid it does not react to air or humidity, avoiding any possible clogging;
  • EXTREME WHITE is safe even for the operator: the product is not dangerous at all.
  • EXTREME WHITE is colourless: it does not modify the lubricants features.

ERRECOM A/C leak sealants are a trusted supplier to the air conditioning and refrigeration market. Since the very beginning of its manufacturing, ERRECOM has worked to introduce  safe solutions, in order to offer products that can represent a real and secure alternative to massive and expensive intervention.